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Leave nothing behind

Natural tableware made from fallen leaves of the Areca palm tree. The natural strength of these plants make the the perfect material for use in disposable table ware. 

100% Home Compostable

Return the earth the way you found it

100% Organic & Biodegradable

All Natural product that will complete go when you finish.

No Toxins, Binders or Chemicals

Our Plates are created 100% from the natural leaf and Heat. No other substances used.

You will Love this product because

Strength & stamina

Heat resistant –  can be used in the oven of microwave, Even Freezer friendly. Suitable for liquid food, even hot soup!

Multi Use

Although Palm Leaf Plates are Disposible, they can be reused, if washed and dried. 

Truly "Green"

Good for your soil, can even be fed to farm animals 

What Our customers say

We used eco-plates at our corporate event, and it was such a hit. Everyone commented how stong these plates were compared to paper plates.

Lizzie Thompson

Absolutley love these plates. We don't even want to throw them away. But when we do, we put them in our compost heap. Love them

Emma Velasquez

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